Merry X-Ray

Overview of Services

This core allows customers to utilize film and developing services.


Helen Norfleet-Shiflett
Administrator and Billing Manager
(434) 924-1667

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Open 24 hours a day      

1340 Jefferson Park Ave
Charlottesville, VA 22908

Film Developer on the 1st Floor is located in Pinn Hall, Room 1216A.

Film Developer on the 6th Floor is located in Pinn Hall, Room 6214B.

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  • Processing Instructions for Film Developer:

    1. Open light protection cover

    2. Place film on the left side of the infeed tray.

    3. Feed film to the processor.

    4. Wait for a beeping sound before feeding next film.

    5. Wait 2 minutes for film to be processed.

    6. A complete manual is available in front of each developer for reference.


Name Role Phone Email Location
Leslie Yowell
(434) 243-6051
Pinn Hall Room 6007
Kevin Cox
(434) 924-1942
Pinn Hall Room 6059
Alex Kish
(434) 924-1940
Pinn Hall Room 6007
Nazif Maqani
(434) 243-5819
Pinn Hall Room 6229
Nancy Rush
(434) 243-0087
Pinn Hall Room 1216A