Biorepository and Tissue Research Facility (BTRF)

September 11, 2020 COVID-19 Update:

The BTRF is currently accepting clinical trial and research specimens for processing. Clinical trial specimens with patient benefit will be given highest priority, and processing of other specimens may be delayed due to high volume.

Research and clinical trial pickup specimen pickup from clinic areas has resumed.

No walk-in users for Dry Ice. Due to COIVD-19 restrictions, users cannot enter the lab to fill their own containers. Because of limited staff, so users are required to make an appointment in advance and bring thier container to the lab door for a BTRF staff member to fill. Please call or e-mail to arrange a time. Must have a valid PTAO.

Cryostat: The cryostat is now located in MR6 RM G714 and is available for reservations. Rules for use during COVID retrictions are:

Reservations are limited to 2 hour blocks -- 1 block per lab, per day. iLab will automatically add 15 minutes buffer time before and after each reservation for disinfection (not billable time). Only one cyostat user will be allowed in the lab at a time, and users must bring all their own PPE. Personal protective equipment is mandatory when operating the equipment for all users, regardless of materials being cut:

  • disposable gloves
  • surgical mask (no cloth)
  • lab coat or disposable cover gown
  • eye protection (goggles or face shield)

Users must disinfect the instrument after use as directed by BTRF staff.

Other BTRF shared equipment: NanoDrop, Laser Microdissection, and photomicroscopy will remain out of service until further notice in order to comply with COVID-19 safety requirements. Updates will be posted on this site.

Fee-for-service frozen sectioning is available in the Research Histology Core (animal tissue) and the BTRF (human tissue only).

Whole slide scanning with web-based access to images for viewing, sharing, and downloading is available through the BTRF. Please contact us for further information.

NanoDrop users may have measurements performed by a BTRF staff member, subject to availability. Please contact Pat Pramoonjago to inquire.

We apologize for disruptions to your research that this may cause and appreciate your patience during this challenging time. Updates for all core facilitiese will be posted on the Core Facilities COVID-19 status page at the link below:


Overview of Services

We are the major core facility at UVA involved in the procurement and processing of human tissue and other biospecimens for research purposes.

  The BTRF:

  • provides tissue samples from remnant surgical resection and autopsy specimens linked to clinicopathologic data while maintaining patient confidentiality.

  • assists clinical trials in the collection and processing of blood, urine and tissue samples.

  • assists in the retrieval of archival histologic slides and tissue samples from the Department of Pathology.

  • offers histology-based research services to support basic, translational and clinical research.


Craig Rumpel, M.S., Biorepository Manager


Pat Pramoonjago, Ph.D., Technical Director


Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Please see this page on the BTRF website for operating hours and important information on processing cut off times.

Carter-Harrison Research Bldg (MR6)

RM G710

Links and Resources



Name Role Phone Email Location
Craig Rumpel, MS
Biorepository Manager
MR6 Rm B705A
Pat Pramoonjago, PhD
Technical Director
MR6 RM G710A